The foundation of Brio comes from the term Elan Vital.  The definition - élan vital. : the vital force or impulse of life; especially : a creative principle held by Bergson to be immanent in all organisms and responsible for evolution.

The creative force within an organism that is responsible for growth, change & necessity or desirable adaptation. 

To me, we are constantly changing and evolving in our lives.  We evolve and become a different person throughout our lifetime.  Our skin changes with us, hormonal and environmental changes effect our skin.  Skin care regimens that used to work in High School are now not working as an adult.  My goal is to develop treatments and find products to treat my clients at every stage in their life.  

Whether you're looking to refresh your skin, heal your acne, or slow down the aging process I am here as your Esthetician to make you feel good when you look in the mirror in the morning.